Our Services


Our services

We offer a profound service in music publishing business.

Production music offer

Music for TV and radio programs, film and theater productions, advertisements, web pages, PC games, and other projects where it’s needed.

Cover songs clearance

If you want to do a song cover, use samples, or lyrics, we can provide you with all necessary approvals and documentation.

Administration and registration of song catalogs

The most important thing for a good and successful collection is accurate documentation and regular registration of songs. We are here to administer and control your catalog.

Synchronization licensing

Our long-term relationship with leading music companies in the region allows us to quickly and efficiently provide legal use of required songs.

Collection and distribution of royalties

Increasing the collection, regular distribution of royalties and detailed reports are our priorities. We are regularly monitoring the work of local collecting societies and aiming to improve the treatment of our partners and authors.


We advise our clients in all areas of music business, whether it is copyright, discography, or live shows.

Resolving of copyright conflict

Copyright conflicts can often take a long time and cause great damage to the rights holders. Our policy is peaceful and quick resolution of conflicts.


We are active in market placement of catalogs we represent. We promote the work of composers and artists, their songs and activities.


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